How to Hide a Page or Unpublish an Interface in Airtable

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    Navigate to the page or interface you want to hide.
    Click the arrow next to your CommandCenter title.
    Click "Edit"
    If you don't already see a WHITE BACKGROUND list of pages on the left, click the "Pages" menu item.

    Hide a Page

    Locate the page in the list and click the little eyelash button to hide just the one page.
    Click "Publish"
    Make sure that the Interface that houses the now HIDDEN page is selected to publish changes. Click "Publish".

    Unpublish an Interface

    Locate the Interface you want to unpublish and click the three dot hamburger menu next to the title.
    Click "Unpublish interface"
    Click "Confirm"
    No need to click "Publish" after UNPUBLISHING an Interface! Your changes are saved when you select Confirm.
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