How to Manually Reconcile Braintree from Undeposited Funds

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      Navigate to your Bank Account and Log In to your Online Portal.
      Locate the Braintree deposit that you would like to record and reconcile in Brokerage Engine.
      Log In to Braintree to see the disbursements from the corresponding date.
      It was five transactions for $857.30. The bank total shows $832.68. The calculation $857.30 - $832.68 = $24.62 (this is the Braintree Cost).
      Once you have those figures, go to Brokerage Engine Accounting and select Deposits under Banking.
      Click on the "New Deposit" button.
      Your undeposited funds will be displayed.
      From the dropdown menu, select which account to post the deposit.
      The deposit should be for the day that the funds were posted on the bank account, in this case, 08/10/2022.
      Select "Credit Card" as the payment method.
      Select the five transactions on the Braintree disbursement. When added, they should equal the amount that we were anticipating ($857.30).
      At the bottom of the list of deposits, the total will be displayed.
      Processing Fees need to be calculated manually. In order to do, funds need to be added, this can be accomplished at the bottom of the deposit page.
      In order to add the bank charge, the the bank service charge account needs to be selected from the dropdown menu.
      The bank charges are the difference between the amount in Braintree and the amount posted on the bank. It must be entered as a negative (-24.62).
      Once the calculation is completed, click the "Save" button at the bottom.
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