How to Process ePay Receipts

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      To start, make sure that you have successfully downloaded the Dash Payment .CSV file.
      In order for this process to work, the "Franchise Fee Payee" must have been previously selected in the Configuration Panel of the Accounting Module.
      Navigate to Brokerage Engine.
      Click "Accounting"
      Click "Quick Actions"
      Click "Upload ePay Receipt"
      A prompt window will appear to upload the .CSV file obtained from Dash. Click "Browse" to locate the file.
      Once the file has been selected, click on the "Upload" button.
      Now, the system will analyze the uploaded file and automatically locate the corresponding Journal Entries based on transaction identifier. Then, the system will compare the "Amount" column (from DASH ePay receipt file) to the "Original Amount" (calculated and recorded in Brokerage Engine). If the amount is matching, it will auto check the row, otherwise, the row will be highlighted in yellow.
      The System also identifies if multiple amounts are related to the same transaction/address, on either the Buying and/or Selling side, and adjusts accordingly.
      Should a discrepancy exist, the Journal Entry can be easily edited by clicking the 'Pencil' icon. This will open a new Tab with the Journal Entry Page.
      The Journal Entry Page associated with the Transaction will then display. Once the corresponding changes have be made, click "Save".
      Upon making any necessary edits, click the "Refresh" button to re-process.
      Once finished and accurate, click "Next" to continue.
      A New Bill Payment will then populate. The Reference Number will match the Payment Number Receipt created by Dash. The New Bill Payment will also display the Bank Account, and Payment Date, both fields can be adjusted, if need so. Once the identified amounts are correct and accurate, click "Save".
      Selecting a New Bank Account will revert the Reference Number to the text "To Print", this can be fixed by checking off the "Print Later" checkbox, and the Payment Number Receipt created by Dash will display again.
      If a Main Journal Entry Reversal was performed, the User needs to be aware that in this section, the System might auto select the wrong Journal Entry. This can be fixed by unclicking the checkbox and selecting the correct one.
      Click "Ok".
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