How to Record a Balance Revision Payment for an Agent

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      Navigate to Brokerage Engine.

      Verify Current Agent Balance

      Click "Accounting"
      Click "Customers"
      Click "Amy Agent (C)"
      Click "Transaction List"
      The Open Credit Balance is of $2,000.45.

      Create Refund Check

      In order to refund an overcollection of funds, a check needs to be printed. Click on the "Quick Actions" menu and then click "New Check".
      Click the dropdown menu and select the Vendor profile for the Agent.
      Click "Amy Agent (V) Vendor"
      Click "1200 - Accounts Receivable" to select the account to issue the refund from.
      Use this field to add a description.
      Click this text field to add the amount.
      Do not check the billable box.
      Select the Agents Customer name from the dropdown menu.
      Click "-- Select Class --"
      Click "Save"
      Click "OK"

      Print Check

      Click on the "Quick Actions" menu and select "Print Checks".
      Select the check to be printed by clicking on the corresponding checkbox.
      Once selected, click on the "Preview and Print" button. The check will then populate.
      Click "Print"
      Select an answer for the question on the prompt window and then click "Done".

      Review Agent Open Balance

      Click "Customers" to review the Customer Open Balance.
      Click "Amy Agent (C)"
      Click "Transaction List"
      The Open Balance has been adjusted by the refund amount ($480.00).
      The balance revision will show on the list of Transactions.
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