How to Sign Up and Register for MAX Pinjarra

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    Navigate to [](
    If you registered last year, enter your details and click Submit.
    If this is your first time registering for MAX Pinjarra, Click "Sign up"
    Enter a valid email address and a password of your choice.
    Type "a valid email address [[tab]]"
    Click "Submit"
    Click "HERE"
    Complete the entire form. This information is relevant to your vehicles, check-in and judging.
    Click "Save Changes"
    Click "MY GARAGE"
    Click "Add Vehicle"
    Click this dropdown.
    Click this text field.
    Type "MY GREAT CLUB"
    Click this dropdown.
    Click this dropdown.
    Click this text field.
    Type our vehicle registration. If it is unregistered, type "UNREG"
    Click the "Holden, Ford, etc" field.
    Type "Holden [[tab]] your vehicle model"
    Click this dropdown.
    Click the "Full year (eg. 1978)" field.
    Type the year the vehicle was manufactured.
    Click this field.
    Type anything you want here. Tell us as much or as little about your car as necessary. This information may be used in a Peoples Choice app later.
    Click "SAVE"
    Click "No Thanks! Take me to the Check Out"
    Click "PAY NOW $20.00"
    Click the "Add promotion code" field.
    Click the "Add promotion code" field.
    Type "EARLYBIRD24"
    Click "Apply"
    Click "Back"
    Make sure you complete your payment at this step. Just like ordering Pizza online, nothing gets finalised (or delivered) until you pay for the items you've ordered.

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