How to Unassign an Order in the Dashboard

      In the task bar of the dlivrd dashboard, click anywhere on the order you wish to unassign to open the details.
      The pickup task will automatically open. Select the more actions menu beside the History tab and click "Change stop status"
      Click the arrow beside the task status and select "Unassigned" in the dropdown menu.
      Click "Submit"
      When the pickup task is unassigned it will bring you back to the main dashboard. Click on the order in the task pane to reopen.
      Alert! Both tasks must be unassigned individually to move the order back to the unassigned area of the dashboard.
      Click on the Task ID to open the dropdown and access the delivery task information.
      Select the delivery task from the drop down (for tasks with multiple pickups select the one with the "D" next to the task ID)
      Click the more actions menu next to the History tab and select "Change Stop Status"
      Select "Unassigned" from the Task Status dropdown menu.
      Click "Submit"
      Check to be sure that the order now appears in the Unassigned area of the task pane in the dashboard. If both tasks are NOT unassigned the task will remain in the assigned area
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