How to add an Employee to Borderless

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    Click "Hires"
    Click "Add New Hire"
    Select Employee
    Select 'Borderless EOR Entity'. \ \[As you will be adding this employee to be employed under Borderless' local direct entity\].
    Enter the country the employee will be employed in.
    Click "Continue"
    Select your Legal Entity.
    Enter the Employee's First Name, Last Name and **Personal Email address.**
    Select the Employee's State or Province.
    Click "Save and next"
    Enter the Employee's Position title.
    Select whether the employee is a new start or an existing employee transferring. - If the employee is an existing employee, please enter their original start date
    Enter the Employee's start date.
    Enter the employee's job description.
    Click "Save and next".
    Click the "Employment status" field.
    Select either "Full time" or "Part time".
    Select the "Pay type" - either Fixed \[Annually\] or Hourly.
    Enter the Annual salary amount.
    Select the "Overtime eligibility" - either Yes or No.
    Enter any additional compensation if applicable.
    Click "Save and next".
    Review the US pay cycle schedule and click "I understand, next".
    Select whether the employee will have unlimited PTO or not. Click "Yes"
    If "No", please enter the amount of Paid time off in number of days.
    Enter the number of "Paid sick days".
    Select whether the employee will have a Probation Period\*.\ \ \*[[A probationary period is the first few days, weeks, or months in a new role in which the employer can see if the person they hired is a good fit for the position and the company. It allows you and the company to understand each other's needs and expectations better.]]
    Click "Save and next"
    Review all of the details entered and click "Send invite".
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