How to create bulk social media content using Chat GPT and Canva in less than 3 Minutes.

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    Navigate to [](
    Insert the command "Write me 30 pieces of content on [Enter your Topic or Main Keyword here].
    Then copy all content and goto google drive.
    Create new Google Sheet in Google Drive
    Paste all the content that you have copied from Chat GPT
    Now edit the info as per your requirements, and add additional columns as per your need. For example: If you want to show your company name in all posts then add company name in the new column and same for other fields.
    Now your Google sheet is fully formatted, next step is to download it in CSV format.
    Now goto Canva, and select the post format you wish to make posts on.
    Open it.
    Now goto apps section in canva, select Bulk create option.
    Here you will get two options to enter data first one is Enter data manually and the second one is Upload CSV. Go with Upload CSV option.
    Now your data is uploaded on canvas, Next step is to select the section you want to change on each post. then right-click on that selected section and click on connect data and select the column you have entered data on CSV.
    Connecting Data
    Connecting Data
    Connecting Data
    Connecting Data
    Now Adjust your Elements and font size as per your need.
    Now click on Bulk create, then continue.
    Now you can see all your CSV data on Canva. Now click on Generate Pages.
    Now Your All Creatives are ready to Use.

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