How to edit Profiles in bulk

      Click People on your side menu to bring up your People Page within OurPeople.
      Click "Profiles" to edit multiple Profiles at the same time. This is great if you are adding a Skill to a group of people or perhaps a new Team.
      Use the Filters at the top of the page to create the audience you'd like to Edit in Bulk. Click this checkbox to select all the users on that page.
      Click "Clear selection" to remove your selection.
      Once you've selected a minimum of one person you will then have a new "Actions" menu appear giving you the option to: Delete profiles, Add tag, Remove tag, or Replace tag.
      Click "Add tag" to add a new Team, Job title, or Skill to a person(s) Profile.
      Click Type to define which type of tag you'd like to Add.
      Click the drop down below your "Type" of Tag to Add it to the selected Profiles.
      The same steps apply when you want to remove a tag from a profile.
      To Replace a tag on a person(s) profile select Replace Tag.
      From here select the Tag Type and the Tag you'd like to replace.
      Next, you will select the Tag you'd like to replace it with.
      Ensure you have created the Tag that you'd like to either Add or Replace in your settings menu. For help on how to create a tag visit this article -<>
      Once you have completed either adding, removing, or replacing a tag click Confirm to finalize the changes or cancel to cancel these changes.
      You are able to delete profiles in bulk if you are looking to create a fresh start.
      When deleting profiles the system will have you type "permanently delete" in order to finalize this action.
      Click "Cancel" if you'd like to back out.
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