How to set up multilanguage logos

Created by Martyn Double | 21 steps
Click "Edit"
Click the edit pencil over the site logo
Click on the current language to make changes
In our example, we click "French - FR"
Click "Change media"
You can upload your French logo, or click "User images" if this has already been uploaded
Click this intended image. In this example, we want French
Click "Choose media"
Click "Save"
Click "Context menu"
Click "German - DE"
Click "You are editing a translation of this image. Changes made will only be visible to users who's language preference is German"
Click "Change media"
Click this image.
Click "Choose media"
Click language and select the new language. French in this example
Click "Français - FR"
No we can see that our logo has changed
Click "British English - EN (GB)" to return to English
Multiple language logos can be configured. In this example we click "Deutsch - DE"
The logo has now changed
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