How to submit Adjustments for upcoming employee payroll

    • Dora Sauder |
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    Navigate to [Employee Payroll page](
    Click on the employee you'd like to make payroll adjustments for.
    Click "Add adjustments" on the top right corner.
    You will see a line item pop-up with the ability to edit. Click "Add item"
    Select the type of payment you'd like to add.
    You may add a Description.
    Enter the value of the adjustment.
    You may add as many line items as you'd like. Once complete, click "Save" on the top right corner.
    You will see your adjustment as pending until updated on payroll.
    If you would like to edit, change or delete an adjustment you've made. \ Click "Add adjustments" again.
    And that's it, you're done!
    You can delete, edit or any add any adjustment and click "Save". You have until the Lock Date to submit any adjustments.
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