How to use Multipayment in Tenant Management?

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    Access the Admin Portal by logging in.
    Click on "**Tenant Management" dropdown** under "Administration" on the left navigation
    Click on "**Tenant**"
    Search for the tenant by entering their details in the "**Search**" field on the "Tenant/List" page.
    Navigate to the "Tenant Details" page by clicking on the **tenant's name.**
    Once in the "Tenant Details" page , scroll down to "**Finance**" section
    In the "Finance" section, click the **"MULTI PAYMENT**" option
    Click the "**How Much Did You Receive?**" field to put the amount
    Click this dropdown under "**All Invoice Type**" to choose the type of invoice
    Select the account from "**Deposit Account" dropdown** & the mode of payment from "**Payment Method" dropdown**
    Click "**VIEW INVOICES TO BE CLOSED**" to view the invoices to be closed
    Click the "**Ref# i.e. Cheque #**" field. to put any reference number
    Check mark the box next to "**Add to deposit slip**" if it applies
    "**PREVIEW: The payment will cover the following invoices (check Status)**:" shows the invoices that will be covered
    For instance, here it shows what invoices will be closed when 'All Invoice Type' is selected?"
    Click on "**Submit**"
    Any remaining amount after settling all due invoices will be credited to the **TENANT CREDIT**
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