Customise the login page

Created by Martyn Double | 20 steps
Click "Edit"
Clicking this link will open the login panel
The layout setting will default to 'Classic'. This is the theme’s default login page without any customisation
Changing this to 'Custom' will show all the customisation options that are available when in custom mode
The headers section allows customisation of the text displayed for each section. If organisations are available on the system, it will show two inputs, one for email login, and the other for organisational login
Here we can select translations (if available) for the header text
Click remove to default to basic background colour
Pro tip! The background colour only shows when an image is not set
When "Show email login panel" is ticked users will be able to log in with their email address
When "Show organisation login panel" is ticked users will be able to log in via their organisational SSO
When "Show the register link" is selected a link to create a new account will be displayed
When the "Show 'Keep me logged in' link" is selected users will not have to sign back in even if they close the browser and return later.
Here we can select if we want to "Show headers" at the top of the login panel
Selecting "Swap left and right login panels" will switch the location of the email and organisational login sections
Pro tip! The option to swap panels will not apply when displayed on smaller screen sizes such as mobile devices
Selecting the "Use blur overlay" will blur the area of the background image under the organisation login panel
Select the "Add transparency" field Add a transparent effect to the organisation login panel. The level of transparency and colour can be adjusted using the colour picker below
Click "Save" to finalise customisation of your login page
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