Impersonating a User

        IMPERSONATING SYSTEM USERS Based on your role within your Brokerage Engine system, you maintain the ability to impersonate other users. This is applicable to: - System Owners - Admins - Assistants Essentially, this means you are capable of working within the system as a different User, and able to make changes and edits on their behalf.
        Note that when impersonating other Users, the system Activity Log will track all changes made, and will denote whether they were made while impersonating a specific user, or not.
        Notice that here, we are logged in as an Admin user.


        Click on the Magnifying Glass icon to access.
        Begin typing the name of the Agent you're going to impersonate.
        NOTE: Other system Users such as Admins and Assistants cannot be impersonated, as the capabilities of their roles is the same as the System Owner's.
        SELECT AGENT After typing in any portion of the Agent's name you're going to impersonate, click on their headshot to automatically begin impersonation.
        IMPERSONATION VIEW Upon impersonating another User, you'll be taken to the home screen dashboard they're accustomed to seeing, including Tasks (if applicable) they've been assigned. NOTE that "Impersonating" will always show next to the User's name. Again, as you impersonate, the system 'Activity Log' will track any/all changes made, and will denote that they were completed by the impersonating User.
        EXIT IMPERSONATION Upon completion of your impersonation, exiting is easy. Simply hover over the User's name, and scroll down to 'Exit Impersonation.'


        In addition to using the Search Function to impersonate other Users, the Roster View can also be utilized.
        Click on Agent > Active
        LOCATE AGENT Scroll to the Agent you're looking to impersonate. Once found, click on the 'ghost' icon to begin impersonation.
        EXIT IMPERSONATION Once impersonation is complete, navigate to the User's name, and click on 'Exit Impersonation.'
        While the concept of impersonation may be fairly straightforward, there are perhaps a few ideas that could prove useful as you get to know the system: - When it comes to creating anything “new” within the system (i.e., listings, tasks, opportunities, etc.), it’s much easier to do so while impersonating the User they’ll be attached to, rather than creating each one individually and then assigning the corresponding User/Agent.
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