Installing and using Imagen AFD

    • Martyn Double |
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    • 4 minutes
      Navigate to [](
      Click to download AFD for PC
      Run the installer once downloaded
      Imagen AFD will now be installed
      Once installed navigate to "Connected sites" and click the "+" symbol
      Enter the URL of the Imagen site you wish to connect to and click "Save"
      Log into your Imagen site, either with your username and password, or Single Sign On (SSO) if you have this configured
      In this example we are using SSO
      Please take a moment to review the account permissions, and when happy, click 'Accept'
      Click "Sites" to view connected sites
      Your Imagen site will now show as connected
      Once logged into your site, navigate to a record and click "Download"
      You will now see your accelerated download has been pushed to your computer by AFD
      Select the "Choose download location" dropdown, and you will now see your AFD account
      Switch back to your AFD application and click "Downloads"
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