Kapshure | How to Get Verified

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    Navigate to [https://www.kapshure.com/](https://www.kapshure.com/)
    Click "BRANDS" To sign up and Get Verified as a Seller.
    Navigate to [https://www.kapshure.com/signup](https://www.kapshure.com/signup)
    Click "Sign up with Google" or create an account.
    Click Sign up! "Congratulations! check your email to activate your account, if you do not see the email check your SPAM folder"
    Login and Click "Edit Profile"
    Click "Be a brand!"
    Click "Be a brand!"
    Click "Upload"
    Upload a profile picture.
    Click "Change Cover"
    Click "Edit Profile"
    Click "Edit" to set date of birth
    Click the "Birthdate *" field. You can leave the default age if you prefer just click save changes.
    Click "Save changes"
    Navigate to [https://www.kapshure.com/settings/verify/account](https://www.kapshure.com/settings/verify/account)
    Click "Be a brand!"
    Click the "Address" field.
    Click the "City" field.
    Click the "Postal/ZIP" field.
    Click "Upload Form W-9 (PDF) Maximum: 30MB"
    Click "Upload Image (JPG, PNG, GIF) or ZIP - Maximum: 30MB" to upload a Photo ID or Passport
    Click "Send for approval"
    Click "You must enable Free Subscription to activate your account and appear in our search"
    Click "Activate"
    Scroll down and look for the "Free Subscription" button
    Click "Free Subscription"
    Click "Save changes"

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