Kapshure | How to Make Purchases

    • Kapshure Inc. |
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    Navigate to [https://www.kapshure.com/](https://www.kapshure.com/)
    Click "Login"
    Click "Edit my page"
    Click "Wallet"
    Click the "Amount (Minimum $5 - Maximum $1000)" field.
    Click "Add funds" This will take you to Stripe to complete the payment. You can add enough funds to cover the purchase(s) you plan to make.
    Click here. This will take you back to the Pop Up Shop.
    Select the item you would like to purchase.
    Click "Buy Now"
    Click "Wallet The Funds you added will appear here to complete the purchase."
    Enter the "Details: Name, Shipping Address, Phone number (if applicable), and any other necessary details."
    Click "[[Pay]] to finalize the purchase.
    Click "Edit my page"
    Click "Purchased Items" This will allow you to see and keep track of all purchased items.

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