Setting up contact syncing between Klaviyo and Tall Bob

Get ready to make your mobile messaging even better and compliant by syncing your contacts from Klaviyo to Tall Bob. This process only needs to be linked up once, and ensures that your primary database in Klaviyo is sharing with Tall Bob, including your opt-outs.
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This process should only take about 10 minutes, and you'll need to have both Klaviyo and Tall Bob open. It just makes sharing API keys easier across the two tabs.
Part 1: Klaviyo set ups
Head to the top right-hand side and open your account profile menu. Click "Account".
From the Account dahboard, click and open "Settings".
Within Settings, choose and click "API Keys".
Now, double click your "Public API Key" - your key is unique to your account. You can see that ours is "SFRAmU".
Now, copy the Public API Key. We find it's easier to keep this tab open so that you can come back and copy the code - a simple copy and paste should do the trick.
Remember - you'll need the Public API Key. Consider keeping this tab open for Part 2.
Part 2: Your Klaviyo API Key in Tall Bob
Head over to your "Tall Bob" web application. If it's not already open, head to
Now, click the gear icon on the top right hand side to open the setting meniuand click "Integrations"
Find the Public API Key Field. Remember that Klaviyo Public API - here's where it goes.
Tip! You'll only be able to save the keys and settings once both the public and private API keys have been entered. Continue with the Private API Key sequence below.
Now, we're going to create a Private API key - this is the secure connector between Tall Bob and Klaviyo. Head back into your Klaviyo account and click "Create Private API Key"
Click the eye to expose the Private API.
Remember, this key is going to be needed in the coming steps. It's a newly generated API key based on your Klaviyo account.
Head back into the Tall Bob platform. A bit further down the page you will see the 'Private API key' field under Klaviyo Integration. Paste your newly created Private API into the text field.
Click the "Enabled" field for Event Sync.
And also click the "Enabled" field for Contact Synching.
And that's it - you're all done. Your contacts can now sync from Klaviyo to Tall Bob.
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