Login and create an appointment

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    Navigate to [https://www.mindaclient.com/index](https://www.mindaclient.com/index)
    Click "LOGIN"
    Enter in your email address.
    Enter in your password.
    Click LOGIN.
    Click "My Diary"
    You can see your appointments for the coming month by default. Click on a date to make a new appointment.
    Click this text field and type in the clients name you wish to make the appointment for.
    Select the correct client as it appears on the list.
    Click "select type"
    Choose the treatment/service you are going to provide to the client.
    Click "select staff"
    Select your name from the drop down list.
    Click "select client contact"
    Next step is important!
    Click on the clients name. This is important so that they receive reminders.
    Verify the correct date is selected. Click on the time field.
    Select the appropriate time from the list.
    Change the duration to 1hr or however long your treatment/service normally lasts.
    Click "Add Activity"
    Click "Dashboard"
    Click "My Diary" to view your upcoming appointments.

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