Manage EFT Work Queue

        Close Transaction & Upload to Accounting

        Verify status in "Title Payment Received".
        Verify Settlement instructions are set to pay via EFT for correct entities
        Click "COMPLETE"
        Click "OK"
        Click "Upload to Accounting"
        Click "Yes" to post the deposit for system to directly post this deposit in accounting
        Set the post funds date if different from close date/today's date
        Click "OK"
        Click "OK"
        If displaying "sent to accounting" - everything was successfully uploaded

        Batch Pending EFT Payments

        Click "Work Queues"
        All pending EFT payments that have not been grouped into a batch will display in this list
        Click "Create Batch Payments"
        Select the bank account for which the EFT payments will go out from
        Tip! This bank account will also be where the bill payment is created from in Accounting
        Select which pending payments you want to include in the batch
        Click "Save"
        Click "OK"
        Click "NACHA Download" to download the nacha file to your computer that will be uploaded to the bank
        Alert! Do Not click "Confirm Bank Upload" until nacha file has bee successfully uploaded to bank and generated EFT payments
        Click "Confirm Bank Upload"
        Click "Yes"
        Click "Save"

        View Bill & Bill Payment in Accounting

        Click "Accounting"
        Click "Vendors"
        Search agent name here
        Click this link.
        Click "Transaction List"
        Verify a Bill and the Bill payment
        Click here to quickly get back to main interface

        Review Unsent Batches

        Click "Work Queues"
        In this section you will see any EFT batches that have been created but the confirm bank upload button has not been finalized
        Click here.
        Click "OK"

        Locate Past EFT Batches

        Click "Work Queues"
        Click "View Sent Payments"
        Click the "Search STREET ADDRESSES" field.
        Click here.
        Click here.
        Click here.
        Click "×"
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