Manage Leads Inbox

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      Alert! FOR THIS TASK YOU WILL NEED: - Leads email ([email protected]) - property base - lead inquiry form (<>)
      Step 1: A new lead email comes in Click the email to open and review details.
      Step 2: open a web browser to open the lead inquiry form.
      Step 3: you will need to make sure the person inquiring is not already in the database. To complete this, you will need Property Base open. Copy either the full name, email address and/or phone number of the person inquiring and search in Property base.
      EXAMPLE: In this example we only have a first name and email address. Since we ONLY have a first name - Copy the Email address.
      EXAMPLE CONTINUED: click the search bar and paste the email addres. After copying and pasting the email address in the search bar, press "ENTER". This example the potential client does NOT exist in our database - you can continue to enter the "LEAD" through our lead inquiry form.
      Step 4: Open a new web browser and open the LEAD INQUIRY FORM = <> and enter all provided information
      In the Inquiry form: you will need to add the First Name, Email (if provided), phone number (if provided), Source, Distribution, Listing ID, inquiry Type and Message details
      EXAMPLE: in this request - the potential client only provided their first name and no phone number. for the last name enter "Unknown".
      Tip! FOR FUTURE INQUIRIES - If a phone number is provided, you will need to remove the hyphens.
      Copy all relative details into the lead inquiry form
      EXAMPLE: 647-789-1234 | you will need to enter as 6477891234
      Step 5: Add the source - in this example the lead came in from - Click "[]("
      STEP 6: Select your choice for distribution - since this potential client was not already in Property base, you will Click "All Sales" so the lead goes into the rotation.
      STEP 7: Enter the listing ID number
      Tip! The Listing ID is found in Property Base, in the Property Listing. Open Property base and win the search bar - type in the address of the property inquiry.
      STEP 8: As you enter the address the associated Listing will pop up - Click on the Listing - NOT the property.
      STEP 9: Copy the Brokers Listing ID number to past in the lead inquiry form.
      The Listing ID includes KT followed by the address number and initials of the street name and town. In this Example the property is 609-150 Water Street North, Cambridge = KT609-150WSNC
      STEP 10: For the inquiry type, you will select the appropriate option from the drop down menu - In this example Click "Tenant Inquiry"
      Alert! When selecting the "Tenant Inquiry" an automated message will be sent to the potential tenants. AUTO MESSAGE: [[Hi, Fatma. Thanks for contacting the KT Team for help finding a rental. We've received your inquiry, and one of our team members will reply soon. Please, feel free to reply here, and we'll respond during regular business hours.]]
      STEP 10: Copy full message and add it to the lead inquiry form in the "Message" section
      ALERT! In the contact information of the request, the potential client will advise how they want to be contacted. Ensure that is added to the message so the agent follows to appropriate instructions for contact.
      STEP 11: Click "Submit"
      Once submitted accurately - this screen will pop up
      Alert! Now that you've submitted the lead request, you will need to navigate back to Property Base to see who received the lead.
      EXAMPLE: Copy email address (or name, phone number) from lead request
      STEP 12: Click in the search bar and paste the email address, full name or phone number to find the new Lead that has been created.
      STEP 13: the new lead is created and distributed to the next agent on rotation. Click on the new client name.
      Here you will find the new contact owner \*\*\*\*\* IF when you enter into the new client profile, and the Contact Owner is still "Adrian Trott" - continue to refresh until the contact owner changes to the new agent. \*\*\*\*\*\*
      STEP 14: Now that you have an assigned Contact owner - Navigate back to the Leads Email.
      STEP 15: Click here to move the email.
      Step 16: Type "Steve" as that is the agent that received the email to save the email in the respected folder.
      STEP 17: Find the correct agent name and year - Click here and it will move the email over to that folder.
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