Nominating a Team as a Non-Playing Admin or Manager

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    Click on the registration link you have received from your club or association then login to your BasketballConnect account
    Click "+ New Team Registration"
    Select the membership product from the drop-down menu
    Chose your division from the drop-down menu
    Click the "Admin" option if you are nominating the team as an administrator Click the "Manager" option if you will also be involved with the team during the competition as their team manager
    Click the "No" field.
    Enter your team name
    Click "+ Add Team Member"
    Select the membership type
    Enter the player's information
    You can continue to invite more players to the team by clicking "Add Team Member"
    Once all players have been added, click "NEXT"
    Answer the questions on the screen
    Review your order and ensure you agree to any Terms and Conditions
    Click "CONTINUE"
    Click "SUBMIT"
    An invoice will appear on the screen which you can download or access at any time through your profile
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