Notion: Your Cybersecurity To-Do List in 5 minutes

Created by Tristan ROTH | 10 steps
Click on "Add a new page" in your Notion Workspace.
Add a title such as my "Key Cybersecurity Actions"
Notion AI will suggest you to write something. Click on the field.
Select the default text and replace it. Insert a sentence describing your cybersecurity goals. Prompting well an AI is hard, so I suggest you to re-use the prompt I share next step.
Prompt: "Define 5 of my key cybersecurity drivers based on the following information. I care about: reducing my risk of identity theft, reducing financial losses associated to cyberthreats, protecting my website, protecting my online reputation, and generally be at peace of mind when it comes to my online security. After you proposed 5 drivers, define the cybersecurity and privacy topics I will have to work on to be protected in accordance with my cybersecurity goals."
Normally, at this step, the AI defined your 5 main cybersecurity goals. This is: why even in the first place are you protecting your online information? Now, the AI will ask you what to do next.
Type "Now establish a list of 25 small actions I can implement to achieve my cybersecurity and privacy goals".
It generates a list of actions that you can use a default cybersecurity to-do list adapted to your cybersecurity goals.
Now we can directly turn this list into a to-do list. Select the text, and click "Ask AI".
Click "Find action items". Notion will create a to-do list with checkboxes. Like this, you just elaborated a personal cybersecurity to-do list in less than 5 minutes.
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