WORKFLOW - Onboarding Instructions

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    Click "Personnel"


    There are two (2) different ways of launching an onboarding: 1. Onboard New Employee button - This is for NEW employees that have never worked for the organization before 2. Rehire and Onboard Employee button - This is for REHIRES that already have a profile in the system. Instructions for both are below.

    Onboard New Employee

    Click "Onboard a new Employee"

    Rehire and Onboard Employee

    Locate the original profile of the employee and highlight.
    Click "Rehire and Onboard Employee"


    Regardless of choosing to onboard a new employee or rehire and onboard an employee, the launching screen appears the same and requires the same information. For a rehire and onboard employee, the details of the employee will be prefilled in based on the original profile. You may need to update information for accuracy.
    Enter the employees first, middle, and last names
    The system requires the Sex field - You may chose Not Specified, Male, or Female from the drop down menu.
    Enter the employee's email address - This email address will be used to send an email with a link to access their onboarding paperwork.
    Select the state the employee will be working in. You will be presented with a drop down list populated with your specific list of available states based on your company's unique setup.
    Using the Onboarding Package drop down menu, select the package you wish to send to this specific employee. Your drop down menu will be populated with one or more packages depending on your company's unique setup.
    Click "Save". Once you save it, the email will be sent to the email address provided for the employee to complete their paperwork.
    SAMPLE EMAIL - The employee will receive an email similar to this with a link they click on to complete their onboarding package.
    The employee will be presented with a series of tasks to complete which will walk them through each step of the onboarding package.


    Click "Personnel"
    Click "Employees"
    Click "Onboarding Employee List"
    The Onboarding Completion column will show the employees progress.


    It is critical to review the employee's completed documents when they have finished their package (at 100%). Look for incorrect information, missing information, etc.
    From within the Onboarding Employee List, highlight the employee's line item.
    Click "Open Employee"
    Click "Documents"
    Click "Documents"
    Click the Folder drop down menu.
    You will be presented with your company's unique folder menu. You will need to determine which folder contains your new hire/onboarding documentation.
    Select the document you wish to review.
    Click "Display File" The document will open for you to review.
    Once you have reviewed the document, Click "Close" and you will return to the document list screen.
    Continue to review each document for accuracy.


    From the Onboarding Employee List, highlight the employee you wish to activate.
    Click "Activate Employee"
    Review each of the presented screens, completing any needed fields that are not answered and review those that are from the information the employee provided from their onboarding process for accuracy.
    Click "Next" to move to the next screen until you get to the final one. Click "Complete Employee Activation" to finish the process. The employee profile will then move to the Current Employee List.



    It is advised that you launch an onboarding to yourself as a test. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the experience from both the administrative and employee side. Follow the previous instructions on how to launch it. DO NOT activate the profile. Once you have gone through checking the documents, you may highlight the profile in your Onboarding Employee List and click Delete to remove it. You may test as often as you like.

    Employee Didn't Receive and/or Deleted the Initial Email

    From the Onboarding Employee List, highlight the employee in question.
    Click "Update and Resend Onboarding Email"
    If the email address is correct and you originally sent the correct package then you scroll to the bottom and click "Save", you do not need to adjust anything.
    The employee will receive another email with the link to begin their onboarding package.
    Be aware - sending another email will inactivate the original one sent.

    Email Address Error/Wrong Onboarding Package

    In the Onboarding Employee List, highlight the individual in question
    Click "Update and Resend Onboarding Email"
    OPTIONAL: If the email address needs correcting, update it in the Email field
    OPTIONAL: If the Work State you originally selected was incorrect, you may change it.
    OPTIONAL: If the Onboarding Package you originally selected was incorrect, you may change it.

    Employee Is Stuck On a Task

    If an employee gets stuck, you can push them past that particular task so they may continue with the rest of the Onboarding Package. Be sure to make other arrangements outside the system to satisfy the requirements of the skipped task, if necessary.
    On the Onboarding Employee List, highlight the employee in question.
    Click "Open Employee"
    Click "Workflow"
    Click "Active Tasks"
    You will be presented with all tasks currently available to the employee to complete. Highlight the task they are stuck on.
    Click "Mark Complete"
    The task is now "skipped" and the employee can continue with the remainder of the tasks.

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