Overview of Accounting Sales Transactions

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      Navigate to Brokerage Engine and log in as a System Admin user.
      Click "Accounting" in the main dashboard menu.
      Click "Sales" in the main dashboard menu to trigger the submenu.
      Click "All Sales" in the dropdown submenu.
      The Accounting Sales Transactions page shows all of the sales transactions in the system. This includes Invoices, Billable Expense Charges, Credit Memos, and Payments Received. Additionally, you can filter the transaction table results by a specific date or time period.
      In this example, we'll review all of the closed payments within the last year.
      Click the "Last 365 Days" dropdown menu and then click "Current Year".
      Utilize the "From:" field to select 01/01/2022 as the start date.
      Utilize the "To:" field to select 12/31/2022 as the end date.
      Click the "Search" button to refresh the transaction table so that it only displays transactions that occurred within the past year.
      Click the "Type" search bar to search for transactions based on their type.
      The sales transactions will be classified as one of the following types: invoice, payment, credit memo, billable expense charge. Click "Payment" from the dropdown menu.
      If necessary, click the "NO." search bar and enter the transaction's identifying number. This field will be left blank in this example.
      The "Status" search bar allows you to search based on a transaction's status.
      Click "Closed".
      After all of the search filters are selected the transaction table will refresh itself. Now you should locate the desired sales transaction.
      If you need to edit a payment or would like to review additional details click the "Action" button associated with the desired closed payment. Since this payment is closed you won't be able to edit the data.
      The "New Transaction" button in the upper-right corner triggers a dropdown menu.
      The menu provides options to create a new invoice, a new credit memo, or to enter data to receive a payment.
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