Owner Payout improvements in the Completed Tab

    • Tanvir Mahedi |
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    Access the **Admin Portal** by logging in.
    There are **2 ways to access the 'Owner Payout'**. One is by clicking on the **"..." sign beside "Mailbox"** icon on the **top right**
    Click on "**OwnerPayout"**
    The other is to go to the "**Accounting**" **dropdown** under "Accounting & Reports" on the **left navigation**
    Click on "**Owner Payout"**
    Click on the **"Completed(money paid to owner/received from owner)" tab**
    Click on "**Select a Date Range**" to **decide o a timeline**
    Click on "**LOAD DATA"**
    Here, you'll notice a new column titled **"Paid (to owner)".**
    Here you will see the other new column **"Received (from owner)"**
    Click on "**PDF**" to download the PDF version.
    Click on "**CSV**" to download the CSV version.
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