Procedure - How to Automate Your SOP Writing Using Scribe

    • Qwantel Mosley |
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    • 59 seconds
      Navigate to your scribe account
      Click on your Scribe Template
      Click the duplicate page icon.
      Choose your desired duplicate embed feature
      Click "Duplicate"
      Click on the New SOP Template and add your details
      Write out your new SOP details and get rid of the template text.
      Write in your step details and keep it brief
      Next, record your scribe.
      This is where you'll stop and record your scribe.
      When you're doing recording your scribe, add the scribe step to your filler by click on the filler placeholder and searching for the scribe you just created.
      To easily find your Scribe you want to make sure your separate the SOP and your actual procedure with the naming conventions: SOP and Procedure in front of each Scribe.
      Click here.
      Choose your procedure and add it to your Scribe Page.
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