Propertybase | Assigning an Action Plan

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      Assigning Action Plans to Contacts is a great way to automate follow-up schdules, notify management of your progress, and keep the process running smoothly.
      Select the down arrow from the Contact's profile in the top right corner of the Contact's information window.
      Select "Start Action Plan" from the dropdown menu.
      Click in the Action Plan Template search bar. Either wait for the list of options to appear or filter results by typing.
      Select the desired Action Plan
      Tip! Before proceeding to the next step, feel free to browse the pre-set schedule of tasks to understand the upcoming events and even add or remove as you see fit.
      Select prefered options, if desired, and select "Start Action Plan" to initiate the template.
      Tip! Selecting the expand arrow on a scheduled task's left side will provide details and instructions. This could include the use case of a particular task, suggestions about completing the task, and reminders to schedule a new date to suit your scheduled appointments better.
      From the Contact's profile, you'll now see the first activity from that template created in your Upcoming & Overdue tasks section.
      As each client journey is unique, by selecting the menu button on the right-hand side followed by the Change Date option, you can adjust the due date for an individual task, such as a Listing Appointment or Pre-Listing Appointment task, to match the actual date. This will result in the rest of the Action Plan's scheduled tasks aligning better.
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