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In this guide, we will show you how to automate a response to "Where is my refund?" using your own secure AI knowledge base
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Sample Knowledge base ready to use
Building a knowledge base for AI and Machine Learning is essential for getting the most out of EmailTree. In this tutorial, we'll learn how to automate a response to "Where is my refund?" Take about 15-20 minutes to follow along and get started creating a strong foundation for your AI!
Open the document on your computer if you wish to recreate the same knowledge base that we have used in this guide. Make sure that you have your document open before proceeding. Happy Emailing! :)
Create your custom knowledge base
To open your new EmailTree account, Click on the link in that email. You will be taken to a page where you can enter your EmailTree account
Click on "Knowledge" button on the left hand side Now, we will create a personalized knowledge base tailored to your needs.
Click "Select" Let's create your first Question and Answer. It's easy!
Think of a question you want to automate Add your question ( Idealy with 10 variations ) Vary your wording when creating training examples for your AI assistant to ensure that it can recognize and respond to different expressions
Always put a question mark like: Where is my order?
Find an answer that accurately responds to the question you have asked and, add your response below your questions.
Edit your response, add links where necessary, and correct any typos.
Click on Save
You've just created your first question and answer. Now it's time to craft rules that enable your automatic reply
Discover the power of Action Manager
Go to "Automation"
Click "Action Manager" and "New"
Provide a descriptive name for your automation rule and click on "New Group" button.
Click the "+ " sign to add conditions
I'm looking to automate emails that fall under the Refund section
and with a confidence level above 80%
If conditions are met, send an automated response; otherwise, draft the answer and pause for human review. And Click "Save"
Toggle the setting to enable the automation
In just five minutes, we've customized our knowledge base and set the rules. Now let's use the remaining ten minutes to train the model and get automation up and running! Let's go!
Train the model by sending emails until confidence level reaches 80%.
Send messages to your newly created EmailTree account using: 1- Emails previously received from customers 2- Sample emails in the document you open at the first step. 3- Tools like ChatGPT to create generic questions
Using Gmail or any email provider, send your first email to your EmailTree address.
Open your EmailTree Inbox, then locate and open the email you just sent.
First, Pick the correct section from the menu to classify your email manually to train the model.
Click "Smart reply"
Click "Get Suggestions" and the AI will extract automatically the questions, and suggest your best available response
AI selects a response with 78% confidence on its first attempt. This is an impressive result!
Click 'Send and learn' to send your first response and train your AI model.
Keep going until you reach our goal ( 80% confidence level )
The Semi Automatic Reply
It took me 9 emails to set up my first semi automated reply. Here's how it will appear in your EmailTree inbox
AI analyzes the email, classifies it in the good section and because the confidence level is 80% or less, it composes a reply and waits for my action
Hover to view the email and click to see a preview of the AI draft.
Check the response to your email and, if satisfied, click the "Approve and Run Action" button to send the message.
The Fully Automated Reply
It took me 15 emails to set up my first fully automated reply. Here's how it will appear in your EmailTree inbox
At 15h52 EmailTree efficiently handled an email, understanding its content and providing a prompt automated response within the same minute.
Here's how it will appear in your customer's inbox.
Free Dedicated Onboarding Session
The more you use EmailTree, the greater the benefit you will gain. By adding additional questions and answer to your custom Knowledge Base, you will create a powerful AI that will save you time. It takes effort to do this but the payoff is worth it.
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