Replying to Clients

Created by Frank Cort | 11 steps
When clients reply to their reminders... you will be notified by email.
To reply back to your client... you can simply reply to the notification email from Apptoto. OR...
Or you can click "View Conversation" to take you directly to a real-time conversation view.
Enter your reply, and click Send. New messages will appear immediately in the Conversation view.
Another way to manage replies is to use the "Inbox/Outbox" tab in the Apptoto web portal. You can access it by clicking "Inbox/Outbox" in the top level navigation.
Clicking on a conversation in the Inbox/Outbox will also take you to the Conversation view.
You can reply to clients from the Inbox/Outbox tab.
Lastly... you can also reply to clients from the Appointments screen.
On the Appointments tab, click on a participant to view a list of the current conversations for that appointment.
Click on the conversation you want to read/reply to.
Enter your reply, and click "Send"
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