Scheduling Open House on ITSO

    • Kormendy Trott |
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      It is expected that you have login credentials and are already logged into the ITSO system (Oakville and Milton Real Estate Board)
      Once at the home screen of your ITSO login, navigate to the "My Active Listings" section.
      Click on the property address that you are setting the open house up for.
      Click "edit"
      Click "Open Houses"
      Click on the calendar icon and select the date of the open house.
      After selecting the prefered date, click OK
      Click "Open House Type" and select "Public"
      Set the Start Time and End Time for the open house, being sure to specify AM or PM for each.
      If you want to schedule additional open houses, select "More" and repeat the above steps.
      Upon creating all open houses, select "Submit" to save your changes.\ \ ALL DONE!
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