Sending a Campaign to a new Segment

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    First up, we're going to start in Klaviyo. With these instructions, we've used the segment name "Received SMS in last 14 days from Tall Bob". Of course, use what's right for your team and your reporting. The most common way we see is yymmdd_Segment. where examples of segment are; Customer haven't purchased 90days or VIP_Customer haven't opened email in 60days

    Part 1: Creating your Segment

    Navigate to [](
    Click "Create List / Segment"
    Click "Segment".
    Click this text field and type your segment name. You'll see we're using "Received SMS in last 14 days from Tall Bob".
    Click the Definition Dropdown to set your segment conditions.
    Chose your segment conditions. We've chosen "What someone has done (or not done)"
    Click here to set your parameters.
    You can see, we've chosen the metric "tb_message_delivered".
    Then chose the time period and event and time parameters. Of course, choose what's right for you.
    You'll see we've chosen 'at least once' and 'in the last'
    And, 30 days. Depending on your buying cycles, you may want to experiment with these parameters.
    Click "Create Segment »". You're all done with Part 1!
    Don't close down your Klaviyo segment! You're going to need the Segment ID which you'll be able to grab from the URL when your segment is created.
    We're going to head over to the Tall Bob web app to bring your segment across to Tall Bob and send your campaign.

    Part 2: Add your Segment to Tall Bob

    Go to []( You can drop straight into that section of the app, or navigate via the home page of the app.
    Head to your Klaviyo Integration and click the 'Add New Sync List' Button
    Click the "Klaviyo List ID" field.
    Remember that note from the end of Part 1? You'll need that Segment ID from Klaviyo. (It is usually 6 characters in length) You can copy the Segment ID from the Klaviyo URL as per image below.
    Or you can Click "Settings" and then select the Segment's ID from there
    Paste the Segment ID into the box. It's the letter and number sequence directly after the /list/ and before your segment name.
    Click the "Group Name" field and use the same segment name you used in Klaviyo. A copy and paste will do the trick.
    Click "Add".
    Your new Segment is now being Synced to Tall Bob. It's that easy.
    You'll know your sync is ready when the Sync Status no longer says 'Syncing' and you can see the right value under the Number of Contacts. Tall Bob will automatically sync your segments every 24 hours. If you want to manually refresh, you can - go to the 'Manually Initiate Sync tutorial'.

    Part 3: Sending the Campaign

    The following steps assume that you're familiar with the Tall Bob platform, and have set up messages, landing pages and videos if you intend to use them. If you're not sure about this, have a chat with your Tall Bob account manager - we'll get you sorted out. If you are familiar, here's a quick refresh. In the top navigation of the Tall Bob app, click "Distribution".
    In the dropdown, click "SMS Message".
    For this campaign, we'll be using a full mobile landing page experience. Here's how. Select your Landing Page. If you don't have one set up, we may need to take you to another tutorial.
    Select your video (Optional). Not thought about video before? Talk to your Tall Bob account manager.
    Click the "Message" Tab
    Select your Sender ID. These are usually pre-loaded to your account.
    Select the Message Editor and type the SMS message you want to send to your customers. Keep an eye on your character count.
    Click the "Insert Page URL" button to add the Campaign URL.
    Click "Contacts"
    Click Groups and start typing your group name to find your Klaviyo segment.
    Click on the Group Name
    Click the "Campaign Name" field and type the campaign name you choose.
    Don't forget to double check, or send a test send to yourself to make sure everything looks great. Take a deep breath and click "Send".
    Boom. Your Campaign has been Sent
    All done. We hope this tutorial has been helpful. If you have any feedback, or need more of a hand, drop an email to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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