Sending an MMS with Klaviyo Webhooks

So you want to send an MMS message, go you! Just like SMS you can do that by combining the powers of Tall Bob and Klaviyo We're going to break it down for you now, and help you through the process so that you can start sending great MMS messages now.
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Part 1 - Creating your MMS Flow
Start by heading into your Klaviyo interface. We'll start there, and move over to Tall Bob for a short time.
Let's start by navigating to
Head to "Create Flow".
And choose to "Create From Scratch". Trust us, it's easier than you think!
Type the name of your Flow at Name (we recommend keeping a common naming convention across your team). And, click "Create Flow"
Your first trigger is your Segment. So, select your Segment - this does assume you've already set up your Segment (such as "Purchased Last 14 days") and click "Done". That's Trigger 1, done.
Trigger 2 is your Webhook So, click "Webhook"
Here's where you may cringe, but stick with it. Click this Destination URL Field and enter Yes - this is the same for everyone. Remember, you've already connected your unique APIs and webhooks.
Next, and again, trust us - it looks scarier than it is. Click the "Key" field. Type "Content-Type" Then Enter "application/json" in the value field
Click Add Header. Click the "Key" field and add a new header "Authorization" and include your Basic Authorization value
If you're not sure what your Basic Authorization Value is, or need a refresher we've got you covered
Click the JSON Body section and replace it with the following: { "to": "{{ PERSON.PHONE_NUMBER }}", "from": "", "url": "", "subject": "", "message": "" }
Ok so we are going to take a short break now and jump out of Klaviyo into your Tall Bob account
Part 2 - Uploading your Media Content
Now you need to access the Media Library section, you can click to go directly to it
Now Click the Browse button, select the media file you want to use in your MMS and then Click Start to upload it
Make sure you Upload your Media to a folder under your 'Public' directory, otherwise your MMS may not be able to send properly
Next find the image you uploaded under your Public Directory
Double click it to open, and then copy the URL from the window
Part 3 - Return of the Scary Code Stuff
Ok, so that was all pretty easy and whilst going back to the scary code might sound off putting it really isn't and we are super close to being finished getting your MMS message all set up
Now it's time to take that URL we just got from Tall Bob and bring it into Klaviyo, you can do this simply by going to the JSON Body section and then pasting it in between the quotation marks next to the "url": section
Next set who you want the message sent "from" (which is your Sender ID) and the Subject of the MMS Message
Then Enter the text if any that you want to appear in the Body of the MMS Message (this is optional)
If you want to, you can make things more personal within your message by using Klaviyos profile properties. Simply click on Profile Click on the Property You want Return to your message and paste in the copied field
Ok we are almost there, just hang in a little longer
Part 4 - Finalising your MMS
So at this point you are pretty much done, from here its just a matter of saving your flow, or continuing to build it out as you choose fit, but we really do encourage you to that your MMS message looks and feels the way you expect first, so below we will walk you through how you can do that
Doing this is pretty easy and assuming that you have your details as a Contact already in Klaviyo you will be able to have that MMS landing on your phone in just moments First Click "Preview Webhook" then "Search for a Profile" Enter the Name of the contact you want to send a test to and assuming they are found Click "Send Test Request" to get things moving
Congratulations, you are all done setting up your MMS message you can continue to build out your Flow in Klaviyo and setup as many SMS and MMS messages as you like or if you're done then just click 'Review and Turn On' and you should be good to go
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