Setting Up Green Button - Connect My Data in ETB Monitor

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      Green Button - Connect My Data allows utility customers to easily, quickly, and securely share their energy consumption data with third-party applications and services. With the implementation of this feature in ETB Monitor, we hope to simplify the process of getting site load data into ETB Monitor, as well as empowering users to make sure their utilities are measuring their site energy usage correctly.
      In the navigation bar of ETB Monitor, click the 'Green Button' option.

      Green Button Dashboard

      When you click the 'Green Button' link in the navigation bar, you will be brought to the Green Button Dashboard, where you can request new utility data, view any pending data requests, and see any active meters you have access to.

      Sending a Green Button Data Request

      Click the "Request Data" button located on the top right of the Pending Data Requests Table, then fill in the required fields, and click "Send Request." This will send a Request for Data Access email to the customer. This email will contain a link walking them through how to allow Energy Toolbase to start pulling in their usage data. You will be CC'd in the email as well.
      Once the end customer has authorized sharing their data, you will receive two more emails. One to notify you that your request was approved.
      And another to notify you when the data is ready to be used in your Energy Toolbase account. Note: Some utilities can take up to 5 business days to send over historical data.

      Adding Green Button Connect My Data to a Site

      Once you receive the email that the data is ready, navigate to the Data Sources Tab of your site.
      Click the Green Add Button on the Data Sources Table
      Select Green Button Connect My Data
      Select the Meter Associated with Your Site
      All Done! At this point, Monitor will automatically pull in the utility meter readings. The initial data import will take 1-5 days.

      End Customer Workflow

      When a request has been sent from the Energy Toolbase, an invitation will be sent to the email address you provided in the request form.\ When the customer receives the email, they will first click the "View my Invitation" button. NOTE: the requestor will also be CC'd on this email.
      A page will open in their browser that requests they review the detail you provided to be sure they are the correct customer. Once confirmed, they will click "Share my data."
      A new window will open, navigating the customer to their utility. They will need to use their utility credentials to log in.
      At this point, the workflow varies per Utility. However, the customer should easily be able to approve your request to obtain their data.
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