Step-by-Step Guide: How to add a Target Audience to a Marketing Opportunity

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      How to Create a Target Audience

      Click "Marketing & Services"
      In this example, we are editing an already created marketing opportunity. Click here.
      Click "Add Audience"
      Click "Select Property Type" if you'd like to restrict the opportunity by a certain Property Type.
      Click "Property Style" if you would like to restrict a listing based on a certain Property Style.
      If a listing should meet a minimum price to be able to have this marketing opportunity requested, please enter the price in the "Min Price" field.
      If a listing should meet a maximum price to be able to have this marketing opportunity requested, please enter the price in the "Max Price" field.
      If you have configured "Listing Tags" to track a specific type of listing, you will see those tags in this dropdown to be selected for an additional restriction. If you have not configured Listing Tags & you are interested in learning more about them, please contact your Customer Success Manager.
      Click the "Comments" field & leave any comments as needed.
      Click "Save"

      Ordering a Marketing Opportunity w/ Target Audience

      *Tip! This second section will show you how the ordering process looks from the agent perspective.*
      Click "Marketing"
      Click "Start"
      The Target Audience restriction will be displayed on the first page of the order.
      Click "Next"
      Properties that are displayed in **blue** are able to be selected and the agent can proceed with the order. Properties that are displayed in **red** do not meet the criteria of the Target Audience and the system will block them from being selected.
      Once an agent has selected the property that they would like to place the order for, click "Next".
      Now the agent (or admin impersonating on behalf of the agent) can proceed with filling out all of the information that was configured in the JSON Instructions.
      Click "Pick Listing Photo"
      Click here.
      Click "Add"
      Click "-- SELECT SHIPPING --"
      Click "Office"
      Click "-- SELECT DESIGN STYLE --"
      Click this image.
      Click "Landscape"
      Click "Glossy appearance enhances color contrast to make photos and vibrant colors pop."
      Click "Next"
      Click "Submit Order"
      Order submitted!

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