Swyft Setup & How to use Swyft

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    Swyft Setup

    Navigate to [https://app.swyftai.com/](https://app.swyftai.com/)

    Connecting Salesforce

    Once you've gone to [app.swyftai.com](http://app.swyftai.com), Click "Sign in with Salesforce"
    If prompted, sign in with your Salesforce credentials. Click "Allow"

    Connecting Zoom

    Once you've connected Salesforce to Swyft, click "Connect Zoom".
    Click the "Allow this app to use my shared access permissions." checkbox.
    Click "Allow"

    Connecting Slack

    Navigate to [https://app.swyftai.com/slack](https://app.swyftai.com/slack)
    Click "Connect Slack"
    Click "Allow"
    Success! Your Slack account is connected.
    You're all set! Your Swyft account is ready to go. Swyft runs in the background, so no need to add any AI assistants to your meetings. Just record your Zoom call to the cloud, and you're good to go!
    Having authorization issue? Contact us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) so we can work with your team to authorize Swyft.

    Using Swyft

    Before Your Call

    First, make sure your settings in Zoom are properly configured. In order to use Swyft, you'll need to record to the cloud on Zoom.

    During Your Call

    Once your call has started, click the "Record" button in the Zoom dock.
    Select "Record to the Cloud".

    After Your Call

    Keep in mind! You must record to the cloud in Zoom for Swyft to generate meeting details.
    Once you finish a Zoom meeting, you'll receive an email (or Slack notification, if enabled) from Swyft letting you know there are new meeting details to review. Click the "View Details" button in the email to view.
    Your meeting details will also appear on your homepage in Swyft.
    Once you open your meeting, search for the opportunity the meeting was associated to. If there's no opportunity yet, you can name the opportunity here and create it right from Swyft!
    Review your call summary, next steps, and all other details in Swyft. Make edits where needed, and then click "Update Opportunity in Salesforce" to update your opportunity fields!
    You're all set! Your opportunity has been updated in Salesforce.
    Still having issues? Contact us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

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