Task Approval Skipped for Marketing Opportunity

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      Navigate to Brokerage Engine.
      Click "Invoices."
      Click "Marketing & Services."
      Use "Description" to help search for the Marketing Opportunity you'd like to add this feature to.
      Click here.
      Click Task Approval Skipped.
      Click "Save"
      When an agent orders the Opportunity, an associated Task is created. Click "Tasks" then "Active."
      Locate the Requested Task in the Task Queue. Use the filters, as needed.
      Click here.
      Click "Start Task." Task is now considered "In Progress." *See ALERT below.*
      Alert! You also have the option to "Mark as Done." Using this feature will omit steps 12-13 below.
      The Task now "lives" under "In Progress" in the Task Queue. Again, use the filters to help you search, as needed.
      When the task is complete, click here.
      Click "Submit." NO additional approval step will be sent to the agent.
      The Task is now Done and can be found under Tasks -> Done. **NOTE:** Any tasks completed today will not be added until the next day.
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