Update Package Price Across Templates

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    Navigate to [https://hello.dubsado.com/dashboard](https://hello.dubsado.com/dashboard)
    Click "Templates"
    Click "Packages"
    Click "CPC- 1 Hour Engagement & Couples"
    Click here.
    Click here.
    Click "Edit"
    Click the "Price" field.
    Type "4"
    Click "Save Item"
    Click "Update templates"
    Alert! If you didn't receive this prompt in step 11, skip to the next section!
    Click "Return to Packages"

    If you didn't receive the "Update related proposals" prompt!

    After saving your package template changes, click "Forms"
    Locate the proposals where the package should have been updated.
    Locate the package container that should have been updated and edit it.
    Select the package that you updated from the dropdown menu.
    Save your form with your update.
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