Update the Year Date In Your Footer Automatically

Most footer’s have the year in the copyright section of the website. It is easy to forget to make the change at the beginning of the year. Instead of adding one more item to our to-do list, we can have it update each year automatically. Here is what you need to do in your Webflow project.
Created by Casey Lewis | 17 steps
Click here for the navigator panel.
Click "Footer"
Click "Edit component"
Type "a" to open the add panel.
Click here.
Add the embed element to the end of the section. The HTML Embed Code Editor should open immediately.
Paste the "</script>" into the embed element. Shortcut to paste is Press CMD + V
Click "Save & Close"
Click "Copyright © 2022 CL Creative. All rights reserved."
Highlight the date, then click Wrap with Span to wrap the date in a Span
Click out.
Click the date you wrapped in a span to highlight it.
Click in the selector field within the style panel to add a class to the date. Add the class of year.
Click "Back to instance"
Click "Publish to Selected Domains"
Click this icon to go to the live site.
Scroll down to the footer to see that the date has changed to the current year.

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