Use Amazon S3 for storage profiles tutorial

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      To follow this guide you will need: An "Administrator" account with "Database and service configuration" user permissions
      Navigate to https://your_imagen_domain/
      Log in as an administrator
      Click "Admin"
      Click "Services"
      Click "Imagen"
      Click "Management"
      Click "StorageService"
      Click "Locations"
      Pick a storage profile to store in Amazon. For this tutorial, we will use "Original Video"
      Click "Locations"
      Tick the "Amazon S3" checkbox
      Click and drag the horizontal ellipsis "≡" to place Amazon at the top if necessary to make this the primary storage location
      Click "Save"
      If you have an existing storage location that has previously been used you will be unable to remove this location. Instead, set the storage location to "Read only": Click "Locations" Select the existing storage profile, and click "Edit" Click "Read only" Click "Save"
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