Zoho Books New Donation

Create a donation invoice and apply a credit note to pay for it.
Created by ThreeStone | 14 steps
Navigate to books.zoho.com/app
From the Dashboard, click "New" and select "New Invoice"
Click "Select Customer"
Click the "Type or click to select an item." field, and select an item.
Adjust the quantity and add any additional items.
Click "Save as Draft"
Click the "..." menu icon and select "Create Credit Note"
Click "Add another line" and select "Food Pantry Donation"
Adjust the rate amount to the total of the items on the invoice that you want to credit. In this case $27.
Delete the items off of the credit note that you are paying for with the credit note.
Click "Save"
Click "Invoices" and Select the invoice you just made to open it.
Click "PDF / Print" and select "Print"
Click "Print"

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