6 Best Chrome Extensions for Product People in 2023

Aaron Podolny
December 21, 2021
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September 19, 2023
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Best chrome extensions for product managers who want to boost communication and productivity — especially while working remotely
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Remote work means we’ve all had to embrace using technology to communicate (hello, endless zoom meetings!)

If you’re in product, you know this all too well - these tools become your lifeline to your team. We feel you. So to make it a bit easier, we polled the audience and rounded up a few of the most-loved favorites.

From video chatting and messaging to product planning or documenting workflows, here are a few awesome Chrome extensions worth taking for a spin.

1. Zoom Scheduler

Year released: 2017

(Speaking of Zoom...) Since most of your day is likely spent either in meetings or setting them up, this handy Chrome extension from Zoom makes it easy to schedule meetings directly from your calendar. With the click of a button, you can start a meeting or send an invite.

2. Appcues Flow Builder

Year released: 2013

No doubt you’ve had to create onboarding flows or in-app product announcements. Appcues’ lightweight no-code flow builder empowers you to implement beautiful modals, tooltips, and checklists, without needing to allocate engineering time. The Chrome extension makes it super easy to target exactly where you want your new flows to show up in your product.

3. Scribe

Year released: 2020

Scribe gives you superpowers when you want to show how to do something. Just click record, and it automatically translates what you do into a step-by-step written guide, complete with screenshots.  

No more manual write-ups or copy/paste screenshots. Whether you are reproducing a bug to share with a developer, answering a customer product question, or recording a team workflow, you can quickly create and share a Scribe (via 1-click link or your shared team library). A first-of-its-kind tool that will save your team hours of work!

4. Grammarly

Year released: 2009

Polish up your emails, presentations, one-pagers, PRDs/specs, and emails with the help of Grammarly’s AI-powered writing assistant. Grammarly works where you work and will catch spelling or grammar mistakes across all of your favorite platforms. They also send a weekly digest with a personalized writing report to help you track and improve your writing!

5. Loom

Year released: 2015

Reduce your need for meetings and back-and-forth typing, and get your point across efficiently and effectively with Loom. Answer a colleague’s question, explain a new concept, pitch an idea, or walk through wireframes in a matter of minutes. Loom also has a team library, so you can invite colleagues and keep all video recordings stored in one place.

5. Clickup

Year released: 2017

Clickup allows you to replace multiple tools with its single Chrome Extension. More than 100,000 people use Clickup to take screenshots, make notes, track time, create tasks and more.

For a product manager, the Clickup extension allows you to connect all of your stakeholders and collaborate as an entire product team.

6. Snov.io

Year released: 2017

Snov.io.email finder extension is your best lead generation friend. With a click of a finger and just a minute of your time, you can scrape email contacts from any web page, including Google search results, and build quality email lists for further bulk outreach of prospects, influencers, investors, candidates, etc. This extension works relentlessly and absolutely for free to ensure the best quality of your lead base.

Ready to try Scribe?

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