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Benefits of a Call Center Knowledge Base and the Best Tools to Create One

A call center knowledge base is the backbone of a customer service team. Here's how, and the best tools that you can use to create one.


Considering how customer expectations are growing exponentially every day, the type of service you give them greatly determines your conversion and retention rates. 

Your call center is the backbone of your organization. You might consider that a far-fetched statement, but if your users face an issue and find you incompetent to resolve them, you’re in for a steep downfall. In fact, 59 percent of customers will abandon a brand after a poor experience with its customer service. 

One of the most common reasons for poor service is the lack of knowledge about how to resolve an issue. That is why you need a call center knowledge base. 

An organized knowledge base can help your customer service agents respond promptly to customers' issues and boost performance and efficiency. 

In this article, we will discuss how a call center knowledge base can help the customer service agents, and tools and solutions for building one. 

What is a call center knowledge base?

Eighty percent of customers prefer connecting with a real person to resolve an issue they’re facing. 

This means that the agents must be equipped with the correct knowledge to resolve them. However, it isn’t possible for them to mug up everything or know the solution to each and every problem, regardless of whether it is complex or not. 

A call center knowledge base is a cloud-based centralized platform that stores information in the form of documents and guides. Agents can access it from any device at any point in time which drastically reduces the call hold time. Without it, agents will have to manually search through a company’s SOP, user manuals, and training documents which results in inconsistent information and adds to the customer’s frustration. 

Why do you need a call center knowledge base?

A specialized call center knowledge base enables firms to provide effective and efficient customer service. Earlier, when life was simple and options were low, there wasn’t a lot of information needed to resolve client queries.  

However, today, a single product can have hundreds of functionalities. Moreover, there are not one but several products available for the same usability. In such cases, an agent cannot be expected to act like a supercomputer capable of memorizing and processing it all.

Using a knowledge base improves internal operations and helps you get an edge over your competitors. Apart from that, here are a few reasons why you need one. 

Improves support quality

The happiness and satisfaction of your clients greatly depend on how you deal with an issue they’re facing. When it comes to call center knowledge base, support executives know where to turn for information. If they do not have access to the crucial information they require, they are more inclined to seek information from readily available sites, resulting in conflicting information. 

This will result in discontent. With a call center knowledge base at their disposal, they have access to a complete reservoir of material generated by the SMEs in your organization. This simple access allows them to give better service to customers, ensuring optimal value is given swiftly and efficiently.

Fills knowledge gaps

A call center knowledge base is intended to centralize critical business information in a single area. During this procedure, firms quickly examine what is understood within the organization and whether the necessary skills and expertise exist internally to meet client expectations. 

If consumers' questions go unanswered on a frequent basis, you definitely need to think about investing in the skills needed to fill the gap. Through comprehensive reporting, an effective call center knowledge base technology provides you with a clear view of your knowledge base's effectiveness.

Reduces training costs

With the influx of new call center executives, it is difficult to teach each worker, and training can consume a significant amount of productive time. A knowledge base can help you with all that.. 

You can utilize the right knowledge base application as a learning management platform to train and onboard new support agents. A call center knowledge base consists all of the data, such as business operations and manuals, that newbies can read before starting work.

Boosts productivity

One of the primary advantages of a knowledge base is that it can improve the efficiency of your customer care personnel. By centralizing critical information in a single knowledge hub, you enable your agents to swiftly and efficiently access and share any answer they require with a customer. 

As a result, people receive quick responses with concrete advice on how to fix their problems. This strategy results in a positive service experience with your company.

Improves your product

It’s one of many additional perks of a knowledge base. While you can distribute beneficial resources in any other form as well, it won’t let you capture the observations you can receive by adopting a knowledge base program. Some help center systems provide critical user analysis, allowing you to track the performance of your material.

Apart from good and poor articles, the stats can also highlight where people commonly face an issue. This knowledge can then be used to improve your product while also improving client experience.

3 Best tools to create a call center knowledge base

Here is a list of 3 best tools that you can use to create comprehensive and organizsed lnowlegde base for your organization. 

  1. Scribe
  2. KnowAll
  3. LiveAgent


Scribe is a process documentation tool that helps you create easy-to-read guides. You can easily create these guides within minutes and also keep updating them as per your requirements.

This simple-to-use tool has gained popularity among tech giants like Facebook and Amazon. 

All you have to do is record a process and customize it. Voila! It is ready to go in your call center knowledge base. It boosts the possibility of finding the correct answer to a customer query by 67% and productivity by 25%. 


KnowAll is a fantastic WordPress theme for building a customer service center. It provides top quality in terms of design, customer experience, and performance.

The KnowAll knowledge base interface is straightforward, with a search function and hyperlinks to all of the most essential and often requested stuff ( billing, getting started, account info, etc.). The content pages are stunning and simple to explore from there, and readers may view all articles that are currently available from any genre.

Live Agent

LiveAgent is the ultimate cloud-based Help Desk solution for excellent customer support. Equipped with 175+ support features you'll be able to link every channel of possible support inputs like fetching  Facebook comments, emails, tweets, live chat,  contact forms, or phone calls

The LiveAgent Knowledge Base enables you to define customer portal sections depending on your services and goods and types of customers. Users have access to content (in the form of articles, tutorials, videos, and so on) that can assist them in resolving issues that may arise while using your company's products or services. You can customize it using the provided templates or tailor it to your specific requirements.

Wrapping Up

Just like a dictionary helps you clear your vocabulary doubts, a call center knowledge base helps your customer service agents clear users’ product-related doubts.It has numerous advantages, such as increased productivity and better product quality. It also assists you in gaining loyal clients, scaling your organization, and increasing conversions.

Scribe is the easiest and most convenient way to create a knowledge base. All you have to do is record a process and it will automatically turn it into a step-by-step process guideline. Give it a try today and create an extensive knowledge base (before your competitor does!)

Ready to try Scribe?

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