Get Started With Notion Using These Step-by-Step Guides Created With Scribe

Maddy Osman, Expert Product Reviewer
June 8, 2022
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March 19, 2024
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Learn how to use Notion with these simple guides created with Scribe!
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Notion is a productivity tool for individuals and teams. It’s very versatile and helps you with various tasks — from making simple to-do lists to managing complex projects. More than 30 million people across the globe use Notion to manage their personal and professional tasks. 

Learning how to use Notion will help your team exchange ideas and collaborate better. The basic building blocks of Notion include:

  • Workspaces.
  • Pages.
  • Databases.
  • Templates.

You can create a Notion workspace for your project and add multiple pages. The platform offers page templates useful for a wide range of teams in:

  • Marketing.
  • Human resource.
  • Engineering.
  • Product design.
  • Sales and support.
  • Product management.

(and more!)

Teaching your team how to use Notion will help them get organized and improve productivity. Let’s look at how Scribe captures basic Notion workflows and converts them into step-by-step guides. 

How Scribe converts processes to step-by-step guides

Scribe is a browser extension and desktop app that helps you capture workflows and convert them into step-by-step guides. You no longer need to create time-consuming videos or screenshots. Just do your process and record it with Scribe. 

You can use Scribe to create step-by-step guides to:

After signing up for Scribe, you can quickly add the extension to your browser and start capturing your workflows. Scribe intuitively turns them into step-by-step guides. You can also refine your guide by adding extra steps, headings, alerts or tips. 

We’ve created a few simple Scribes to show you how Notion works.

Getting started with Notion

Getting started with Notion is simple. You can either sign up for the free personal plan or a free trial of the team plan. Notion just asks for your email address and doesn’t need your credit card details. 

After signing up, you can start using Notion in your browser or download the Notion desktop app. You can get Notion for Windows or Mac. 

Check out the Scribe we created to help you get started with Notion.

Scribe Getting Started With Notion
Getting Started With Notion

‎How to create a page in Notion

When you sign into Notion for the first time, you’ll be redirected to your workspace. The workspace is where you organize everything project-related. Under your Notion workspace, you can create pages to share knowledge, collaborate with your team or manage tasks. 

A Notion page looks just like a webpage. You can customize it by adding content blocks or database items such as:

  • Text.
  • Image.
  • Table.
  • List.
  • Calendar. 

Here’s a Scribe that shows how to create a page in Notion. (Get the template for you and your team, here!)

Scribe How To Create a Page in Notion
How To Create a Page in Notion

‎How to use Notion templates 

When you create a page, you can choose a template from Notion’s extensive template gallery. 

You’ll find a wide range of templates in the gallery, including:

Here’s a Scribe that introduces you to the Notion templates and how to use them. 

Scribe How To Use Notion Templates
How To Use Notion Templates

‎How to make columns in Notion 

  1. Add a content block to the Notion page.
  2. Click on the block and drag it to the left or right.
  3. When a blue vertical bar appears on the screen, drop the block.
  4. The block will now appear in the new column.

We’ve created a Scribe to show these steps in action.

Scribe How To Make Columns in Notion
How To Make Columns in Notion

‎How to embed Google Calendar in a Notion page

Notion lets you embed other apps like Google Sheets or Google Calendar in a page. Embedding a Google calendar in a Notion page ensures your team doesn't miss important events or meetings.

You need to make the calendar public to embed it on your Notion page. This Scribe shows you how to do that. 

Scribe How To Embed Google Calendar in a Notion Page
How To Embed Google Calendar in a Notion Page

‎How to change fonts in Notion

Notion offers three standard fonts to format the text on your page. While two pages can have different fonts, you can only have one font on a page. While it seems like a limitation, it may make your design decisions easier. 

Changing fonts is very simple. This Scribe will show you how to do it. 

Scribe How To Change Fonts in Notion
How To Change Fonts in Notion

‎How to change text color and background color in Notion

Notion helps you make your pages attractive by changing a content block’s text and background color. By changing the text and background color, you can highlight important information. 

Here’s how you change a content block’s text and background color. 

Scribe How To Change Text Color and Background Color in Notion
How To Change Text Color and Background Color in Notion

‎Final thoughts: Get started with Notion using these guides created by Scribe

Notion is a great productivity app for managing your personal and professional tasks. You can also use it to manage your teams. Try using Notion to:

  • Share roadmaps.
  • Track milestones.
  • Manage tasks.
  • Share calendars.
  • Collaborate on designs.

Help your team get started with Notion with Scribe's simple step-by-step guides. It's time to align your team and increase productivity. With Scribe, you can align everyone on your team with Notion to increase productivity.

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