5 Tips to Get the Most out of Gong

    Saying that Gong is an amazing tool for sales teams is like saying tires are a great tool for cars.

    It was amazing even back when it was just a recording tool that saved you from furiously writing notes instead of listening to your customer. Now it's evolved into a beast of insights and data to help you be the best seller you can be.

    That said, all that functionality can be overwhelming for sales reps. Here are 5 tips to get the most out of Gong today.

    1. Review win/loss reports

    You know all those salty dog sales people who seem to have a sixth sense about their deals? While not all of us have 30 years in the industry, we can learn a lot more about the deals we've already won and loss by using Gong's win/loss analysis.

    Analyze your past deals to find that secret sauce behind what works in your business. Gong uses AI to analyze successful deal cycles, and pattern-matches behaviors from closed-won deals with deals in progress. Learn about number of contacts, deal length, number of calls, and more.

    2. See how your stats stack up to best performing reps

    We've all had that teammate - that person who seems to close 10 deals a day while everyone around them wonders how she does it. Gong Stats take the guesswork out of it by showing you your call stats such as talk time, how long you pause, ratio of customer vs you talking, etc. Gong will also compare your stats to the top performing reps on your team so you can use real data to try to improve your game.

    3. Use Gong's red flag tracking

    Gong has an algorithm that helps it detect when a prospect or customer has mentioned a red flag in an email and/or call. What's a red flag? Here are some examples.

    • Although the team feels strongly about your products, they are unsure about the funding aspect of it.

    • I have talked to the decision-makers and they haven’t acted like they are interested at this time."

    • This project has had to drop down the priority list.

    In other words, Gong does the work for you when your deal might be in jeopardy! Wish this existing for other parts of our lives...

    4. Leave comments on calls

    Gong comments allow you to cut out the email or Slack message and loop a manager or teammate into a call. There are 3 cool ways you can use comments for:

    • Share a call snippet with your manager — ask a question, follow up on a coaching skill you were working through, etc.

    • Tag a product person for feedback — a feature request, an interesting talk track, etc.

    • Alert internal teams to a competitor — an objection, competitor insight, a reason for why they chose you over your competitor, etc.

    5. Set up trackers

    Trackers are groupings of words and phrases that you can tag across all or some calls. Trackers allow you to search for particular words or phrases to understand where, when, how often they are coming up.

    Because trackers uncover key conversation insights, they can help managers & enablement monitor how their top reps position important themes, such as product messaging, new pricing rollouts, discovery questions, or objection handling.

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