Businesses and Organizations User Guide

    The Businesses and Organizations User Guide is a comprehensive resource designed to assist users in navigating the Ontario Collaboration Innovation Platform (OCIP) platform more effectively.

    OCIP Taxonomies

    OCIP Taxonomies

    Businesses and Organizations Registration

    Register for OCIP

    General Functionality

    OCIP General FunctionsHow to Change Your Password

    User Registration and Management

    How to Create and Manage Users

    Profile Management

    How to Manage Organization Profiles

    Innovation Challenge Submission & Management

    Create and Submit an Innovation ChallengeAccessing and Viewing Summary Sheet for Innovation Challenge

    Scope of Work (SoW)

    How to View Completed Scope of WorkScoping Fee Payment Instructions

    Project Proposal

    Review Project Proposal

    Next Steps Following Project Proposal Review

    Once an Organization has carefully reviewed the Project Proposal, they can proceed to one of the following actions:

    Continue to MatchingArchive Project Proposal

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