Delete - Relist SOP through Flat-file

      Delete-Relist SOP through Flat-file

      The Delete-Relist process through a flat-file is a standard operating procedure (SOP) used to remove and then re-add items in the Amazon Manage Your Inventory (MYI). This process is typically used when there is a need to update or change attributes on Amazon listings. Follow the steps below to successfully complete the Delete-Relist process through a flat-file.

      Step 1: Identify Items to be Deleted

      Before beginning the Delete-Relist process, it is essential to identify the items to be deleted from the MYI and download the category-listing report. Category Listing report will serve as your backup in case something will go wrong in the process and will be used as a template to be uploaded for the delete-relist process.

      Step 2: Access the Category-Specific File/Flat-file

      First, you need to access the category-specific file that contains the product information that you want to delete-relist. This file contains all the product details, including product names, descriptions, prices, and other attributes.

      Note: If you don’t have the Category Listing Report, create a case with Seller Support to enable this report.Step 3: Delete the SKU/ASIN you want to update.

      Step 3: Once you have access to the category-specific file, you can delete the SKU/ASIN you want to update.

      Choose the SKU you want to delete and make sure before saving the file that only SKU you choose will be included. Making the mistake of including a SKU that should not be deleted will mess up your inventories.

      Step 4: Upload the file

      Once you have reviewed and checked the updated product information, you can upload the updated flat-file in Seller Central.

      Go back to Seller Central > Catalog > Add Products via Upload

      Wait for 72 hours before relisting the SKU you deleted.

      5: Create the Relist Flat-file

      Using the same flat-file you used in deleting the SKU, edit the file and change the information you want to update. Make sure only you will only change the information you need to update.

      Step 6: Check the Changes

      Before uploading the updated file, you must check the changes to ensure that the product information is accurate and error-free.

      Step 7: Submit the Relist Flat-file

      Use the same process in Step 4

      Step 8: Verify Items have been Relisted

      After the system processes the Relist flat-file, verify that the items have been successfully added back to the system. This can be done by checking Manage Inventories.


      Following the Delete-Relist SOP through a flat-file can be an efficient way to update or change item information in a system. By following the steps outlined in this SOP, users can ensure that items are successfully deleted and relisted with the correct information.

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