EOY Pre-Checklist: Data Cleanup

    Purpose: In order to produce accurate statements for your donors come January, you will want to spend the last quarter of each year reviewing and cleaning up your data in Ministry Platform. The purpose of this checklist is to give you as many step-by-step instructions to assist you in this process.

    Audience: Church administrators, finance persons, anyone who handles Contacts/Members (Participants).

    Review Households

    Preparing for Statements - Fix Too Many Heads

    Review Contacts

    Preparing for Statements - Fix: Make Adult Child

    Review Programs

    Preparing for Statements - Review Stewardship Info

    Review Donors

    Preparing for Statements - Statement Address IssuePreparing for Statements - Review Deceased

    Look for persons marked deceased improperly. Improperly marked deceased donors may receive a statement. 

    Preparing for Statements - Set To Individuals

    Review Donations

    Preparing for Statements - Donations - Fix 0. Reassign DonorPreparing for Statements - Donations without batches

    Review Statements

    Preparing for Statements - Review: Not Archived Different Stmt MethodPreparing for Statements: Review: Not Archived Different Stmt FrequencyPreparing for Statements: Review Duplicate ContactsPreparing for Statements: Reviewing Adult Child in Family StatementPreparing for Statements: Reviewing 18+ on Family Statement

    Important things to keep in mind:

    1. Identify duplicates.

    2. Ensure any Deceased Donors who do not have surviving Spouses are marked as Stmnt Method: No Statement and Frequency: "Never" so that you can filter out any of these Donors.

    3. Ensure all Heads of Household have the same Donor Statement Type.

    4. Perform a test run of the statements to ensure they print correctly, and to ensure you know the amount of paper and envelopes to have on hand.

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