Getting Started with Scribe AI

    Welcome to Scribe AI: AI that writes documentation for you! Scribe AI creates detailed SOPs, help centers, user guides, and more for any business process — so you can focus on the process, not the documentation.

    Ask AI to write your process documentation

    With Scribe AI, you can easily transform a blank page into a comprehensive and contextual process document with just a few prompts. Want to learn how to write an AI prompt? Follow this simple step-by-step guide.

    How to prompt Scribe AI to write a process document

    Remember! Scribe AI works best with a strong prompt. When writing your prompt, keep these tips in mind.

    • What type of document do you want? SOP? New hire onboarding guide? Tool implementation guide?

    • What tools are covered in this document? This is super important! We will also recommend Scribes to include based on what tool you type in.

    • Who is this document for? A new hire on the Account Executive team? For all employees? For managers?

    Ask AI to improve your process document

    Once Scribe AI has created your process document, you can ask it to make improvements to the grammar, tone, and spelling. This functionality is also perfect for users who wrote the initial document and want a second pair of eyes to edit it.

    Here are the edit capabilities you can use:

    • Improve writing

    • Fix grammar

    • Make professional

    • Make friendly

    • Summarize

    • Expand

    How to ask Scribe AI to improve your process document
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