Instructor's Guide to RegisterBlast

    The ISU Test Center uses RegisterBlast as its primary exam registration, exam scheduling, and test center administrative software. This software is integrated with Canvas for instructor and student convenience. Once submitted and approved, students can schedule an exam appointment directly from their Canvas course.

    Below is information for instructors who want to use the Test Center for their exams.

    Updated 12.29.23

    RegisterBlast & Canvas

    Adding Registerblast to your Canvas course navigation panel.

    Exam Submission in RegisterBlast

    How to Create an Exam Submission in RegisterBlastCreating a Makeup or Pre-release Exam Submission in RegisterBlast

    RegisterBlast Professor Portal

    Submissions Tab

    The Submissions Tab in RegisterBlast allows instructors to see the status of their submitted exams and edit or clone exam submissions (through the three vertical dots beside an exam submission).

    The search functions allow instructors to search for exams from previous years submissions. This information can be downloaded in a CSV or Excel file or printed for your convenience.

    The Add Submission button (blue circle with plus sign) allows the instructor to add submissions to the Test Center queue for review.

    History Tab

    The History Tab in RegisterBlast allows the instructor to see the status of student registrations for a given date period in a given test center location.

    As noted above, the date, exam name, student name, and status of the student all appear for a specific test center location.

    To toggle between Test Center locations, click the circle with your initials inside and select "change campus." This will allow you to toggle between our four center locations to see student registration information.

    You can also see incident reports filed for a particular student in this window, as noted above by the red triangle icon containing a white examination point.

    Viewing an Incident Report in the Professor Portal in RegisterBlast
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